What is Siren Seven?

 I wanted to make a blog where I combine everything I love, my current obsessions and the little things that make up my life. I had just now rekindled my love for blogging and this new year, I wanted to capture moments in my life and keep it in this blog, for my memory and also those who come across this little space. Here I share things like hauls, reviews, tips and tricks, my travels, music and tid bits of my daily life.

Who is Siren Seven?

Siren Seven is a 22 year old girl from California. She loves makeup and all things cute. She likes to shop(Retail is her therapy and to travel. She has an exquisite taste of Music and is always looking for new bands and music.On her free time she likes to read books (and beauty blogs) and majority of the time, day dream. She also enjoys staying up late and playing video games or watching Korean dramas but doesn't enjoy the (designer?)eye bags she gets the morning after. She also has a passion for learning about different cultures and different languages. She wants to travel the world. She is a Daydreamer and a Night thinker.

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