Thursday, September 24, 2015

TesterKorea Haul

This was my very first time purchasing from TesterKorea. As usual I will write a store review at the end of this post to talk about my thoughts and opinions about my experience purchasing.

But first here are the things I got.

I am very lazy when it comes to skin care and would skip doing my full skin care routine for days. Masks are one of the things that save my skin and I like to always have different sorts of masks handy all the time.

I have always wanted to try these masks from Tony Moly. I always see them at Urban Outfitters at the bins near checkout but they are $4! Definitely much cheaper if you buy from Korea.

These are actually my favorite masks from The Face Shop, I always bought the Vita C but they didn't have it at testerkorea so I just purchased these instead.

I've never tried Dr. 119 masks but Spidey printed masks sounded fun. And this SHREK mask from Olive Young, which masks i've also never tried before. Olive Young is a drugstore in korea, if i'm not mistaken.

And these super cute Faith in Face Masks. I'm so excited to try these, their packaging is so cute!

This curler was on sale so i bought it. I also read somewhere that Etude House made lash curlers for Asian eyes, no idea if these are those though.


Not sure if you heard or seen people do the challenge,  but this is actually my one of my favorites and do enjoy eating, I love spicy food. A friend in Korea sent me a 4 pack of these last year to try and I have had a hard time trying to find it at the Korean market for some reason. I decided to buy one since I was craving it.

And generous amount of free samples!

Store Review

Honestly I have never wanted to buy from TesterKorea for a few reasons. I have read some mixed reviews of peoples experiences buying there mostly about the shipping taking a long time. The website look and layout  is also pretty confusing and not as inviting. The prices are listed in Korean won but the converter is seen on the top right corner of the site and you wont see the price in USD til the checkout.

 But looking around the site I found some brands that I don't typically see in other korean cosmetics sites. This is probably the reason why I started adding things to my cart and actually purchased from them. They also have korean food/snacks, clothing and household goods

 Another thing liked is the Plastic type box they used to ship my items. It was really sturdy and unlike regular boxes, it wont be hard to get squished during shipping. Shipping is by weight and their rate is almost the same as other sites.

I placed an order 8/24 and it was delivered 9/16
Almost A MONTH!
Over all I think I would purchase from Tester Korea again because of the wide range of products that they have. I didn't mind that it took a long time since I didn't really need the stuff I ordered ASAP. But if I did need something right away I would probably buy it somewhere else.
So if you have no patience, I don't know if you should buy from them if you're going to complain in the end. I think that because they have all these brands available it will take a long time to put them all together. 

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