Monday, June 15, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Salt Body Scrub Review

Do you like to use body scrubs?
 I have really REALLY dry skin and body scrub works wonders in exfoliating the dry dead skin. On my much deserved spa days, a body scrub is a must for me. 

This Dead Sea Salt Scrub by Adovia is not only a great exfoliator, it is also a moisturizer and claims to:

exfoliate dead skin cells and dull skin
Leave skin with a "glow
Natural moisturizing oils leave skin hydrated and soft - lasts all day
Offer effective relief from Eczema, body acne, Psoriasis, muscle aches and pains
Replenish Minerals essential to skin health
Increase circulation - feels great and refreshing - perfect way to start the day during the morning shower.

 Honestly, I was very surprised with the results I got when used this product. I really wasn't expecting too much, I used a lot of scrubs but I haven't used any this moisturizing. After rinsing this almost thick layer of moisturizing oil covers your skin, and its not heavy feeling. The skin has a long lasting moisturized feeling, definitely a major plus for me. (you can even skip lotion after using this, if you are lazy like me)

The only thing I didn't like was its scent. It claims to be "Ocean Breeze" but it smelled like strong perfume. I didn't enjoy it much, and it also stay on your skin well after you wash it off. But I'm sensitive when it comes to scents so some people might actually enjoy this.

Like it says, this product contains sea salt from the Dead Sea which is knows for its mineral rich. This product is very gentle and because of this ingredient it is even perfect for people with really dry skin and even Eczema. One ingredient I was surprised to see is Ginseng extract! For those who don't know Ginseng is considered medicinal in Asia and is also known for its Anti-Aging effects.

I also love its blue color! Very pretty.

Honestly, I loved this product. While using it, I just thought of how it would be a great present to give out to someone. The quality is excellent!

Tip for body scrubs
For more exfoliation and a heavier scrub, use on dry skin instead of damp skin. :)

You can check out this product on these HERE and HERE

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