Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Versatile Blogger Award

"Versatile blogger award is given for the blogger who considered has good quality style of writing within every unique post subject and overall the quality of their blog in the eyes the reader" -Ann

First of all I would like to thank Ann from Petite Diaries for giving me this award. Thanks so much! I'm so happy to get this award in the short time since I've started blogging. It's nice to think that my blog and efforts are appreciated. I really do try my best in creating content for those who read my blog.

The rules state that I am to nominate 15 bloggers whom I think also deserves this award and also share 7 facts about myself. 

Here are amazing bloggers I think really deserves this award:

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Please visit their blogs, They are amazing bloggers!

~Here are 7 facts about me ~
  • I'm an introvert. I love going out, but there are days when I would rather stay in my room than socialize with other people. I would rather stay at home read a book, play video games, or watch a drama than go to a party or something. I'm not a great with conversations nor public speaking especially with people I just met or I'm not close to. Don't get me wrong, I am loud and fun with friends and people I know but there are times I need alone time.
  • I love music. Music means a lot to me. I love how music (even without lyrics) expresses so much and say so many things that we ourselves can't speak. There's always music for every mood. Music to me is the universal language. I am always looking for bands and artist that have talent. I listen to a lot of Indie. And not to sound Hipster or anything, do not like most crappy mainstream music that is overplayed on the radio. When I listen to music I try to decipher the meaning and like all things, I love songs with depth and meaning.
  • I took the basic piano lessons when I was younger.  I rarely play or practice so now I have a hard time reading music. I also self taught myself to play guitar, which I play more now than piano.
  • I consider myself a gamer. Growing up with 3 older brothers who like to play, I become hooked too. From oRPG games, to PC games and to my all time favorites Assassins Creed and GTA on Xbox. I always have a struggle deciding whether to get a new game or get new make up *^* Fun Fact of how the name Siren7 came to be: Sirens are from a game called Borderlands. They are women with cool powers and are distinguished by their tattoos. Bad*ss right? Also Sirens in greek mythology are like mermaids that lure sailors to their death -_-think creepy little mermaid....  I tend to use Siren7 as a username but i guess now its my blog name.
  • I love all things Paranormal. I'm the biggest scaredy cat in the world but that wont stop me from watching or reading every single Ghost related thing I can find on the internet. I have only had a few "encounters" with ghost, one as a child(i don't remember but they always tell me the creepy story) and one that happened just last year, eek.  I always ask everybody I know to tell me their paranormal experiences or if they know any. (so if you have any please tell me in the comments lol).  How about you, do you believe in Ghost?
  • I can't sleep in the dark. I have to have a nightlight. (Maybe because I like to look up paranormal stuff before I go to bed).
  • I'm a clean freak. I hate dirt, germs, clutter, mess-I HATE them. Which is strange because when I was younger my room was always a mess, my mom even threatened to burn all my clothes cause I never fold or hang them lol. Now I hate the sight of an unmade bed and obssessed with organizing everything and cleaning products... I don't know what happened.
I hope I didn't bore you with the facts about myself

Thanks again for this award and I'm definitely looking forward to getting to know more about my fellow bloggers through this award.

 thanks for reading <3

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