Tuesday, March 10, 2015

RoseRoseShop Unboxing/StoreReview

Hi there!

I have something a little special to share with you today~ A video! This is my first time making an unboxing video, sorry if its not that good. I will make an announcement post to elaborate on a little something i'm going to be working on here on my blog but for now I hope you like the video.

p.s. Excuse my dogs, they are very curious and thought the stuff were for them. They like to hover around and be cute when I work on things.


Nature Republic

Aloe Vera Soothing & Moisture
Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Cream
Aloe Vera Cleansing Gel Foam

I am almost out of cleanser and decided to get these from Nature Republic because it was on sale and got a spray mist cause I like spray mist and this was 92% Aloe Vera. It will be my first time to try these.


Etude House

Collagen Eye Patch

I actually got these for my mom who has been complaining about her puffy under-eyes. Going to try these with her since my dark circles are darker than ever lately. Going to pop these in the fridge so they'll be nice and cool.


The Face Shop

Hydro Gel Mask Sheet

Repurchase. Bought these when I went to The Face Shop few months back and really liked it and didn't sting my skin so I got it again.

Tony Moly

Kiss Kiss Lovely Lip Patch

Repurchase also. I've bought these twice before, they don't really do much for the lips but its fun to use so I bought it again hahaha.


Shop Review:

I have been purchasing from RoseRoseShop from their ebay shop RubyRuby76 even before the site was created. They have a really good range of brands available, a lot of samples you can buy and also some clothes and electronics. Their prices are good and are almost the same as the actual retail price is in Korea no added $$ and they always have a promotion/sale going on on products or brands. Though the items look cheaper you have to keep in mind the shipping. RoseRose's shipping is by weight. In my opinion you will save more money of money if you buy lighter items here but if there's a heavier item on sale it definitely will justify the shipping cost. There is also section with products that ship for free. Customer service reply is 1-2 days but I think this is because of the time difference. On times when an item I ordered isn't available they message me to let me know and immediately refunds back the money. However you cant always get a partial refund of the shipping especially if the item doesn't really affect the weight that much. Items are always wrapped tightly in bubble wrap specially the bigger products and samples are given with purchase. Looking at my account history, I've ordered at RoseRoseshop 5 times already and so far I have not have any problems. Will keep ordering there again.

Have you tried shopping at RoseRoseShop?
Where do you like to buy your Korean cosmetics?

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