Thursday, March 19, 2015

Radha Beauty Review: Vitamin C Serum, Intensive Youth Eye Gel, Miracle Retinol Moisturizer

Here are three more products from Radha Beauty I was sent to review. I actually stopped any other skin care I was using for a week just to try these 3 products and see how they would really work for me. I really like Organic and Natural products but sometimes they just don't work out, either they work or they're just a bunch of oils that just settle on the top layer of the skin and just stay there. But this is how these products worked on my Dry and Sensitive Skin.

First is the Vitamin C Serum

This serum contains 20%  vitamin C and Pure Vegan Hyaluronic Acid.  It claims that it can fade sun spots, discoloration, refine skin texture, reduce wrinkles and minimizes pores. Serum tends to be more concentrated than moisturizers, I was afraid that this would dry out my skin or even irritate it but I didn't have any stinging or burning on my cheeks.

Handy pump to dispense the product.  The texture is a bit runny, what I do is pump this on my palm first and then pat it on my face. Its very thin and absorbs and dries quickly.

I love the fact that this product contains pure vegan hyaluronic acid . Over the years I have found that my skin does well with Hyaluronic products.But unfortunately this product didn't fade out my blemishes but it did well in giving my skin a little extra boost with its vitamin C.

You can check this product out Here 

Next is the Intensive Youth Eye Gel

I was very excited to try this out since my dark circles are really bad sometimes. I really love the ingredients on this, It also contains Vitamin E, Amino Acids, Aloe, and Cucumbers, 

I use this first before I put on the serum. with this little goes a long way and it leaves a layer on top of the skin, which I find very moisturizing and smooths its texture.

Unfortunately this didn't completely remove my dark circles but it is definitely soothing. This would probably be better for people with puffy under-eyes and does help out change the texture of the more sensitive skin surrounding the eye. Its packed with good ingredients, is very soothing and moisturizing too.

You can check it out Here

Last is the Miracle Retinol Moisturizer

Retinol is popular for its anti-aging effects. I myself don't have visible wrinkles but aging starts at 20 and prevention I better than cure so I gladly give my review on how this affected my skin.

I love the pump and packaging of this product.

Little disclaimer, Retinol makes the skin sensitive to the sun so if you use this during daytime you will probably need to use product containing SPF with it. I recommend using this product during night time to get more of its benefits and also apply this on your neck.

I think i'm in love with this moisturizer. My dry skin just drinks this up. The first time I tried this was at night time and I was very surprised when I woke up the next day. My skin was so smooth! Honestly, I didn't expect it this product to work out well. The texture is very thin and not that heavy which I guess makes he skin absorb it easier. I just can't get over how it gives the skin such a nice smooth texture, almost like a primer without the primer. I highly recommend this product, I think it will work well with any skin types.

You can check this product out Here

Over all these products worked really well with my dry and sensitive skin. I didn't get any stinging or burning feeling on my face nor did it dry out my skin. I love the concentrated, natural ingredients it contains and its benefits for the skin. I have come across many organic and natural products claiming to be this and that but mostly just left a greasy layer on my skin or sometimes even made me itch but I was very surprised that these did not.

What have your experiences been with natural or organic products? Were they good or bad?

Thanks for reading!

This product was sponsored by Radha Beauty All opinions expressed are my honest opinions based on my personal experience.

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