Monday, March 16, 2015

Radha Beauty Argan Oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil Review

Today I wanted to share with you these two products that I was sent to review.

Have you ever tried Argan Oil or Coconut oil?

I myself are are big fan of these two oils. I have been using an organic Argan Oil based Shampoo and Conditioner for years now and have been a big believer of the benefits of Coconut oil. Despite of already being a fan of these I will honestly write my views on what I am going to share with you today.

Starting with the Radha Beauty’s Argan Oil

This oil is 100% natural and is imported from Morroco. Argan oil is richer in vitamin E than olive oil. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that the skin needs to protect itself from damage. When applied to the hair, the Argan oil also serves as a  protector to its great to use as a heat protectant when styling and conditioning the hair.

The packaging is a blue glass bottle that comes a glass dropper that I think is very convenient and less messy way of getting the product out. It has a very light nutty scent you can barely even smell, so I doesn't even bother me. And unlike other oils, this isn't as greasy or heavy. The skin and hair absorbs it right away and doesn't leave a greasy feeling.

So far I have tried it on my skin to moisturize some dry patches, and also my scalp and hair. I run the dropper across my scalp on several sections, massage then let the oil spread on my scalp and on my hair. I didn't even need to condition my hair after rinsing it off with the shampoo after using this. I think this stuff is magic. My hair really did feel healthy, I kid you not. I wish I had this during the time I bleached my hair for my ombre. I will definitely be incorporating this on a lot of DIY skin care that I will be making in the future. 

Would I purchase this product with my own money? YES. I can really see its effects on my hair and it does make it healthy and feel great. My scalp less itchy and my skin less flaky. It being is also 100% natural is A+++ for me, I'd gladly apply this on my hair and body any day.

The product can be purchased here:
(it has a 5 star rating on Amazon!)

Now the Radha Beauty Fractionated Coconut oil

The first thing I questioned about this product is what does "Fractionated" mean?
After a little research I found out that it means that this oil is more stable and will not solidify like if the temperature becomes colder like the coconut oils you might see at the grocery stores. No need to heat up this one to melt it down.

This 100% Fractionated Coconut oil is Odorless, Colorless, Non Greasy and Non Staining. It also and a really long shelf life and does not go rancid.

If I listed the benefits of coconut oil, the list would probably go on forever But my favorite one is that it has Antibacterial properties. It can be used for Cosmetics like soaps,  Aromatheraphy along with other oils, Medicinal like anticeptic and like I said earlier antibacterial properties, Hair Care and Cooking purposes.

This time I used this coconut oil for my hair! I have very fond memories of falling asleep as my grandmother massaged my hair with coconut oil when I was younger, she promised me that my hair will be stronger and healthier. I bet some of you knew this already. I also used it for oil pulling! I swished this in my mouth for a couple of minutes and spit it out after. This process supposedly helps draw out toxins and helps with your overall oral health including teeth whitening. I suggest you research about it

You can purchase and learn more about it 

Again with the question, Would i purchase this with my own money? Yes, I didn't even know there was a thing as fractionated coconut. I was used to seeing solidified coconut oil and now that I think about it how much oil would it be left once that oil is melted down. I think I would save more buying this bottle of fractionated coconut oil. Plus it does have a longer shelf life.

Overall I am very impressed with these two products and I will continue using them on my beauty routine. I love how they are organic, pure and I forgot to state this earlier Cruelty Free products! I love what this company stands for and I have another review coming up on some more Radha Beauty products, I hope you look forward to it!

Thanks for reading!

Disclaimer: The products reviewed were sponsored by Radha Beauty in exchanged for my honest review/opinion.

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