Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Innisfree Haul

Innisfree recently had a  1+1 promotion and I just couldn't resist! I was out of skincare and also wanted to try buying from Innisfree's main website to try out their service. I was so happy when I found a big box on my doorstep. Again I made an unboxing video to go along with it!


Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask Set
I'm loving this one right now, I will probably buy more!
I forgot to take a picture of the KraBag card holder that you see in the video but it comes with this set.

The main reason I bought from innisfree were these! 1+1 ^-^
I have dry skin and sleeping mask are an essential for me, I really needed these!
The very first sleeping pack i've ever tried was actually from innisfree, I had a Korean penpal from Jeju back in 2010 and she sent me a couple of innisfree samples. Its kinda funny because I had no idea what sleeping packs were and I actually washed it off cause I didn't know you can put it on your face overnight (noob).

This is actually the first time I will be trying Innisfree masks! I've always wanted to try them specially the green tea ones. I remembered watching awhile back on Get It Beauty and these ranked #2 on the best affordable masks. I forgot what the number one was -_-

This kit came free because I spent $50+

And I also got to pick 4 free samples. I think sample amount varies on how much you spent but you can also buy sample sized products if you want to try out a line. I think that's really cool and it has a good amount of products that will last probably up to 3 or more uses.

Store review

I was very surprised because this box came quicker than I had expected. Shipping from Korea usually takes 2 weeks but this came like a week after! I have not found a reasons to contact costumer service for this order so I can't say anything about their costumer service.  I definitely love the offers that they have. I think theres some weekly deals and also some daily deals so make sure to check out their website every once in a while to what they are having. I love how they did their website too, if you are looking to try our their products they have very detailed explanations of them in English! And you can browse around (8 solutions) to see which product could be the best for your skin.

Pros: Great Deals/Offers
Great Samples
Quick Shipping
Secure Packaging
Free coupon

Cons: Shipping Price

If you sign up you will get two coupon codes! One for free shipping and a 10% off 
(you can use one coupon code per order)
I would suggest to save those when you have bigger orders so you can save some money.

If you are an Innisfree fan you will defintely love innisfreeworld.com
they have almost every innisfree products in their website!

Thanks for reading!

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