Thursday, March 5, 2015

Circle Lens Haul: Pinkicon

Hi there!

I wanted to share with you my order last month and experience with Pinkicon. 

Little introduction first.
PinkIcon.com is a Hong Kong based shop that sells a large selection your not so typical lens brand, wigs, and beauty products.  Also they ship Free! I had found them while trying to look for the Korean lens brand called O-lens, which is a little hard to find. I knew they were a legit shop cause even Queenie Chan from BeautyQQ and other Hong Kong Beauty bloggers uses their lenses too. I had been following pinkicon on instagram for quite some time now and I finally decided to put an order online and try out their 1 day lenses. 

I ordered the Naturali 1 day lens in Sweet Feminine Brown
Twinkle Eyes 1 day lens in Gray

They included this illustrated instructions! very cute and very helpful ^-^

(they even gave me 2 sample pairs which were about to expire so I used the right away)

I actually made a mistake when I ordered and didn't read the email they sent me until almost a week after. They were very quick to reply and easily fixed the problem in my order.They made it easier by just changing it themselves therefore I didn't need to wait for a refund and then re-order again (which I originally was going to do). I didn't even have to wait days and my order was fixed the same day I replied to their email. I was really impressed with their customer service.

Overall i will definitely purchase from their site again :)

Thanks for reading~

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