Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Who is PONY?

who is 포니?

Most girls and bloggers who are into Asian or Korean Cosmetics probably already know PONY.
If you are into Korean 뷰티 and Asian Beauty trends you have to know her!
Pony is one of the leading trend makeup and beauty expert in Korea and if there's a new trend you will probably see her doing it first.

I remember a couple of years ago when the whole Ulzzang and Gyaru craze was going on, Pony's face was one of the top images that would come up on google. She was even then, very popular for her makeup looks and tutorials. She was probably one of the reasons then that i just had to buy that white liner for my water line (to try to be ulzzang).

She's already published quite a few of the ever popular PONY makeup books, since 2007 and the latest one last year. some books are already translated in Chinese, Thai, Japanese but yet to be translated in English.

I have yet to get my hands on them! The books is about $30 on ebay. (My friend in korea says they are only about $14 in korea 
-_- ) 

Pony also collaborated with Etude House for Play 101 pencil makeup and also released makeup exclusively for Memebox (I'm still debating if I need them!)

Last year she had collaborated with InsiteTV on Youtube and made beauty series called "Pony's Beauty Diary" complete with English subs for non korean speakers. click here to watch. But just last week she announced on her instragram that she created her own beauty channel. I am very excited for the new content she will put out. 

I hope that this post was interesting~


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