Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Recent Buys: MAC, Marshalls, Ross


After my trip to Las Vegas I banned my self from buying any more clothes. I can say that I am doing really well not buying any, however I am doing really bad on spending my money on other things. Just this week alone! (You will probably see the things I  ordered online on the next haul post). Maybe I really should ban myself from buying anything altogether and not just clothes. 

Here are a couple of stuff I got from a recent trip to Marshalls

It's kind of funny looking at the things I picked up because I always buy either a notebook, candle, soap,  makeup bag, or all, and ofcourse clothes whenever I go to Marshalls. Plus I saw this really cute shabby chic looking lip balms made in the UK. Can you tell Blue is my favorite color?

Here's what I got at MAC(Nordstrom)

I needed a new bronzer and bought this Mac one to try out and also wanted to try out this CC powder that is similar to the Ben Nye banana powder.
I ordered from Nordstrom just because I wanted to get the Chloe Love Story perfume sample to try out but should have bought from MAC's website instead because the shipping took 6 days. MAC orders usually arrive 3 days when I order from the main site .

I went to Ross and checked out their Home Dept. and found these organizers. I bought this pen holder because they are perfect for my makeup brushes. There was only one identical design left but it was smaller, I don't know why i didn't get it, kinda regretted it when i got home.
WHY DIDN'T I GET IT!!!!??? huhuhu....

and thats it for this weeks haul~

i kinda feel like my blog is turning in to "confessions of a shopaholic"
but retail really is my therapy ;)

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